Investigation et Recherche – Agence d’investigation pour vos recherches de personnes, d’héritiers, enquêtes de moralité, enquêtes sur mineurs au Luxembourg | Private detective, investigation agency, search for people, GPS surveillance, audio surveillance, video surveillance, search for assets, search for debtors, search for heirs, investigation on morality, investigation on minors

Investigation agency for searching your people, heirs, investigations on morality, investigations on minors in Luxembourg

Your private detective agency for searching your people, search for heirs, search for assets in Luxembourg

Investigation agency specialized for searching people in Luxembourg

Specialize in private research, the investigation agency:  Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide (follow the link performs for your various investigation and research missions in Luxembourg. For more than 35 years, our private investigation agency intervenes on your requests based on:

Search for missing people in the Luxembourg,

Search for heirs following the succession procedure, probate genealogist,

Search for debtors

Search for assets for solvency procedures,

Search employer for garnishment of salaries,

Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide implements all necessary means to bring your relevant results which are legally admissible: GPS surveillance (active and passive surveillance), audio surveillance, video surveillance, field investigations,…

In the context of court procedures with issuance of injunctions or orders given by the Court or a sworn officer, our firm also offers its services of process serving: a preliminary investigation of the person authorized to sign the documents will be necessary.

Benefit from over 35 years of experience on investigation and research in Luxembourg by contacting us at + 352 26 61 56 33 or by email.

Your investigation agency for your investigations on morality, investigations on minors in Luxembourg

Entrust your surveys on people to an investigation expert in Luxembourg

You want to get private information about your future employee, future tenant or about your kids dating?

Our agence d’investigation Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide

brings to you the necessary evidence related to private investigations in Luxembourg and the larger Region:

  • Investigation on morality of a future collaborator,
  • Pre-locative investigation, search of precedent unpaid rents
  • Solvency investigation
  • Investigation on minors, juvenile crime detection,

Thanks to our means and modern technological equipments, our investigation agency Dol-Dek D’Olisy International Investigation Worldwide  gives you evidence so as to confirm any suspicion.

Do you wish to learn more about our research and investigation missions in Luxembourg?

Contact our team at + 352 26 61 56 33, or through our contact form.